Hi, I'm LaTrenda!

I work with current consultants to enhance their practice.  My goal is to help you improve your pricing, packaging, and proposals so that you can build a six-figure consultant firm.  I believe you can sustain your livelihood because of your intellectual capital. 

I create programs and tools to help people earn more money through consulting. I use what I have learned to share real advice about building a consulting firm that works for you. 


About LaTrenda

LaTrenda has tapped her diverse talents in coalition-building, project management and strategic planning to create exciting, new programs and tools for individuals who are ready to make a move. An MBA with an innovative approach, LaTrenda shares with entrepreneurs and young professionals worldwide her experience and insight navigating career transitions under 30 and launching a successful 6 figure organizational consulting business within the business’ first year of existence.

Make a Move Blog