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(Landing Page) of Latrenda 30 Days to $30k Challenge - FB Cover (1).png

Each Week You Will Be Given Tasks to help you land contracts so that you can push toward getting $30k in contracts as a consultant.

We will do midweek check-ins and keep each other accountable and lend support.

You Will Learn How To


Actionable tasks to help move you closer to the $30k in contracts


Accountability to keep you excited and energized during the next 30 days


Real-world examples to help during the challenge


I'm LaTrenda

Your facilitator for this workshop will be me, LaTrenda, Lead Navigator of LaTrenda Consulting.


I have successfully grown a six-figure consulting firm, doubling my 9-5 income in my first year of business. I maintained that growth, even when I took two months off to be with my newborn daughter (twice).


I have more flexibility to do the things that I want on my own time, to take off when I want, to work when I want. And I can do that on my own terms. You know why--> My consulting firm.

Lead Navigator

LaTrenda Consulting.

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