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Are you ready to make your consulting hustle work for you? Really?

  • Are you a consultant that has had a few contracts but not enough to really support the income that you want? 

  • Are you having trouble with your pricing? 

  • Are you struggling with packaging your services? 

  • Are you currently freelancing and providing professional consulting services on the side? Do you want to make it full-time? 


Join Consultant for Hire

I get it. Early on in my consulting journey, I undersold and mostly UNDER-VALUED my expertise. I gave away so much free time as a consultant: free consultations, multiple meetings to determine a contract that may or may not ever was painful. 

It is possible to get paid for what you know. It is possible to advise an institution on the change that you know the world needs to see.

Two years ago, I developed a program.  Current consultants were reaching out to me left and right to chat about what they were doing.  They were worried about pricing strategies. They had questions about where to turn with their consulting work. They wanted some guidance on their proposals. 

So, I took a step back, hired a marketing coach, and what began as just an idea in a notebook is now an 8-week intensive for consultants who are ready to take it up a notch in their consulting practice. 

Become apart of the community.

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Get serious about the consulting work you do. Apply for the program.


We will:

  • Package your expertise: Determine how you should communicate what you offer as a professional consultant

  • Get serious and specific about your pricing strategy: Breakdown what will work best specifically for your context and your field, AND

  • We will work on your scope of work: craft the elements that go into a proposal that lands contracts. 



1+2) Pricing your expertise Part 1 and 2: We get really detailed on pricing methodology as a consultant.  And we find the base rate that is going to keep you profitable. 

3) Packaging your value: This module looks at your suite of services and helps you present your strategy appropriately to a potential client--in the client's language, and in a way that they understand. 

4) Proposing your project: Let's craft your preferred scope of work to clients effectively. Let's also streamline the way you do it. 

5) Pitching your genius: This module pushes you to think about requests for proposals (RFPs). We will find those proposals that are for you and discuss strategies to source even more opportunities. 

6 ) Promote, Promote, Promote: This module will help you craft a mechanism for outreach to potential clients.  We will cultivate your network to truly position you for contracts.  

Within your cohort, there will be 2 group coaching sessions, also known as, Consultant Check-Ins to discuss any questions that you have about the material.

What you get

Here is a breakdown of what you receive as a member of the program:

  • 6 -Live 60-minute virtual workshops

  • 2 -Live 60-minute Group Coaching sessions with the cohort, also known as Consultant Check-ins

  • The Consultant Rate Calculator

  • A Physical Copy of the Scope of Work Toolkit

  • A One-Pager Template for your business

  • A Scope of Work Template

  • An Impact Matrix for your business

  • Real-time feedback on your approach

  • Access to an online community to support your learning.

  • A 5-day marketing challenge for your consulting company

  • Sample language to include in your scopes of work, negotiation scripts for consultants, an overview of the business of consulting and so so much more!

Our Reviews

I can't tell you how much this exceeded my expectations...the peer format was awesome.  It was an amazing experience

Tammy, T3 Media and Consulting


Your facilitator

Your facilitator for this workshop will be me, LaTrenda, Lead Navigator of LaTrenda Consulting. I have successfully grown a six-figure consulting firm, doubling my 9-5 income in my first year of business. I maintained that growth, even when I took two months off to be with my newborn daughter (twice). I have more flexibility to do the things that I want on my own time, to take off when I want, to work when I want. And I can do that on my own terms. You know why--> My consulting firm.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Program

What is the cost of the program?

There is an investment of $1100 to participate in this program.  The lead facilitator normally charges a per-hour fee for consulting that is more than $200.  To get access to the expertise of the lead facilitator, live, with at least 8 hours of instruction, 20+ hours of preparation for the course and the cohort, there is a cost for the information.  

So that's the cost. Are there payment plans?

Yes, if you are accepted into the program, you can arrange to pay the program off during the course of the program.

What do you mean if I am accepted? I have to apply?

Yes, there is an application for this program.  After reviewing the results of the 30 consultants that have participated in the cohort, those that have been excelled in this opportunity, fit a particular criteria.  For instance, they have had pay for expertise opportunities before; they have had contracts.  To set you up for success, we want to ensure that you have also had an opportunity, outside of a full-time role, to be consulted on your expertise.

Is this program refundable?

Due to the nature of this program, it is not refundable.

How will be information stay protected and private?

Check out our privacy policy here. 

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