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It's time to become a 

Consultant for Hire

Next cohort starts March 27th

Are you ready to make your consulting hustle work for you? Really?

  • Are you a consultant that has had a few contracts but not enough to really support the income that you want? 

  • Are you having trouble with your pricing? 

  • Are you struggling with packaging your services? 

  • Are you currently freelancing and providing professional consulting services on the side? Do you want to make it full-time? 


Why you should
Join Consultant for Hire

Develop pricing strategies

Participants will receive detailed guidance on how to create a pricing strategy that works for their specific context and field. This can be a major challenge for consultants, and having a solid pricing strategy in place can help to ensure that their business is profitable.

Package services effectively

The program will help participants to determine how to best communicate the services they offer as a consultant. This can help them to better market themselves and attract more clients.

Craft effective proposals

Crafting a strong proposal is a crucial part of landing contracts as a consultant. This program will provide guidance on how to develop a strong proposal that stands out to potential clients.

Receive real-time feedback

Participants will have the opportunity to receive feedback on their approach in real time. This can help them to make adjustments and improve their strategies as they progress through the program.

Supportive Community

Access to a supportive community of like-minded consultants, providing a valuable opportunity to network, collaborate, and learn from each other's experiences

Join Consultant for Hire

I get it. Early on in my consulting journey, I undersold and mostly UNDER-VALUED my expertise. I gave away so much free time as a consultant: free consultations, multiple meetings to determine a contract that may or may not ever was painful. 


It is possible to get paid for what you know. It is possible to advise an institution on the change that you know the world needs to see.

Two years ago, I developed a program.  Current consultants were reaching out to me left and right to chat about what they were doing.  They were worried about pricing strategies. They had questions about where to turn with their consulting work. They wanted some guidance on their proposals. 

So, I took a step back, hired a marketing coach, and what began as just an idea in a notebook is now an 8-week intensive for consultants who are ready to take it up a notch in their consulting practice. 

$200 away from a $10k month, thanks to Consultant for Hire.

-Creative Consultant

I signed my first $50k contract thanks to Consultant for Hire.

-Branding and Marketing Consultant

BIG shout out to LaTrenda because I just landed my first paid consulting contract on a dream project!! I wouldn't have had the confidence to go for it and create the proposal (and ask for the money I did) without the Consultant for Hire bootcamp

-Economic Development Consultant