Are you ready to make your consulting hustle work for you? Really? 

  • Are you a consultant that has had a few contacts but not enough to really support the income that you want? 

  • Are you having trouble with your pricing? 

  • Are you struggling with packaging your services? 

  • Are you currently freelancing and providing professional consulting services on the side? Do you want to make it full-time? 

I get it. Early on in my consulting journey, I undersold and mostly UNDER-VALUED my expertise. I gave away so much free time as a consultant: free consultations, multiple meetings to determine a contract that may or may not ever was painful. 

Don't let that be you anymore. 

Join me for Operation: Consultant for Hire.







Join a community of current consultants in a 4-hour Intensive on Saturday, February 7th.

  • We will package your value: Determine how you should communicate what you offer as a professional consultant

  • We will get serious and specific about your pricing strategy: Breakdown what will work best specifically for your context and your field, AND

  • We will work on your scope of work: craft the elements that go into a proposal that lands contracts. 

Copy of  Pricing Challenge.png

This 4-hour workshop is just for freelancers and consultants like you who are in the first few years of consulting and have some clients under their belt. 

I know you are looking to make consulting your full-time gig.  Like me, you don't have a backup plan. This is it. You add so much value to the clients that you have worked with in the past, and you are really ready to take it to the next level. 

Stop playing small. 


Your facilitator for this workshop will be me, LaTrenda, Lead Navigator of LaTrenda Consulting. I have successfully grown a six-figure consulting firm, doubling my 9-5 income in my first year of business. I maintained that growth, even when I took two months off to have be with my newborn daughter. I have more flexibility to do the things that I want on my own time, to take off when I want, to work when I want. And I can do that on my own terms. You know why--> My consulting firm

Let's get you there! 

You have the elements to make this work. You have received some contracts before. You just need to refine your strategy to maximize your profits and attract higher-paying clients.