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A message.

Hey friends.

I’m an entrepreneur. I sustain my income based on complex projects that organizations ask me to make sense of. It is my calling. It is what drives me. It pushes me to dream.


If I have not shared it before, I think it’s time to share it now.

I am a values-driven company. Meaning, I am only going to work with those organizations that take me seriously. And have values that align to where I am or those that want to really be and do better.

Those that take my recommendations seriously, those that don’t waste my labor after giving strategic direction and it isn’t listened to.

All money aint good money. Especially when time is wasted.

I do things that move me. I’ve always, in my own way, fought for people who looked like me and FELT like me. Unheard, unnoticed. Thrown away.

So my work, if hired, requires an obligation to truly listen and make change. It’s not just enough to write a check. Transformation requires action AND Accountability.

My company values:

  • Accountability: There are systems in place that need to be more open and responsive to the people that pay and keep them going. Whether it is the money that you receive for the people you serve, or the taxpayer. You owe someone.

  • Responsiveness: Paralyzing fear and inaction is not okay. Do something.

  • Transformation: Enacting change that can and will be sustained. With your people. With your board. With your vendors. Purpose. Policy. Practice.

  • Pursuit of what’s right: No one gives up. You pursue what is right at all costs. Yes, people will doubt. But you cannot stop. Being steadfast in making change, and improving the well-being of so many is the way.

So just a few things:

I will not be working with organizations that do not have a plan to listen and act on the recommendations of their black and brown employees.

I will not be working with organizations that aren’t planning on putting their money where their mouth is. We will not be making statements that we cannot back up. Real money. real change.

I will not be your black face for the black and brown community. I can help you do more for community, in service of, and listen to. And figure out how to bring those voices into your spaces. But I won’t be paid to be the person that goes out, and just makes notes to share with you, and nothing is done. I’ve been there before. Naw. We are bringing the community into your space. Relationships will be built and sustainable power shifts have to be made.

Lastly, I will not be bound by your politics. I don’t care about your politics. And I’m not talking about who you voted for. I do care about that. I’m talking about your supporters that influence your way of being. Your donors can get it too. If what folks want you to do is problematic, we need to challenge that. Challenge your positions, and your relationships.

There are so many other things that I am changing. But I wanted to get this out.

I’ve been reflecting a lot over the past few weeks, but I’ve been black all of my life.

Want to get to know the work of my organizational company? Let's schedule a meeting.

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