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A Quick Reminder about Pricing.

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

And it starts. I get a Direct Message on Facebook on Instagram asking—Hey LaTrenda, I have this opportunity and I don’t know where to start with my pricing. I don’t know what I should charge for this? Can you help?

Well since you asked.

I could go on and own about this. Matter of fact, I have. Check out these two blog posts where I have discussed pricing.

Pricing is the thing that makes some of the smartest people so nervous. I’ve met app inventors, amazing speakers, strategists, ask this same question all the time: What do I charge for this project?

My question that I always pose back to them is, “Well, what do you think your labor is worth?” And how does that amount fit into your overall revenue goals for your business?

Pricing is about your business. It has nothing to do with your client. When a person visits Amazon, Amazon doesn’t change the pricing based on whether they are a CEO or a janitor. So why are you? The rate is the rate!

So where do you start with your rate? 1) Get you a base rate. 2) Determine the different variables that could affect that base rate (i.e longer vs shorter-term projects, availability, and accessibility, strategic thinking vs project management) 3) Determine how you want to be paid—by the milestone, hour, or just a portion of the total rate.

Have you signed up for Consultant for Hire? We will go over so many specifics about pricing for your services. Let’s take your consultancy to the next level! Charge appropriately for your labor.

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