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Use this Tool to Propose your Next Consulting Contract

Scopes of work are so necessary as a freelancer. I created a tool to make it super easy for you to propose your next contract with a company. When would you need a scope of work.....

Picture this: You finally have a solid lead on a contract you wanted with an organization or company. You’re working out logistics, planning out your time, and then the prospective client asks you for a scope of work.

You wonder:

Why would they need this if I’m making the contract?”
“What should I give them?”
“Where do I start?”

This is a situation that is common in the freelance industry, and I was pretty confused when this first happened to me, too. Creating a scope of work can seem daunting at first, but with the right guidance, you’ll be on your way to securing your contracts in no time.

What is a Scope of Work?

This document is a big step toward getting the contract you want. It ensures that you’re the right person for the job and that you understand what you’re doing. This document, in short, solidifies the contract for you.

Sometimes your clients will offer a scope of work, but in my experience, my bigger clients wanted me to put it together. They wanted me to solidify my duties, put them down on paper, and show them that I knew what I was talking about. Companies have a need, and you have to show them that you know how to fulfill that need.

As I progressed in my career, people started asking me for advice as to how they should proceed with their scopes of work. I started looking at the ones that I have developed over the past few years, and I realized that I’d proposed dozens! Of course, once I have created a scope of work, there’s some back and forth between the client and I to finalize it, but it’s definitely something that clients want me to provide.

Tell me more about this toolkit!

There are two versions of this toolkit:

Template: The first version is a template for people to complete. It’s a couple of pages. This template provides a little bit of background information on me and shares some quick definitions of the components of a scope of work. The package also provides worksheets so that people can practice drafting their own.

The person who gets this is a DIY person. They’re going to google what a scope of work is anyway and try to put their own spin on it, so this template will serve as a supplement to their other research and guidance. Get the template here.

Workbook: The second version is a 30+ page workbook full of examples, definitions, and helpful tips. There are also lots of exercises and reflection points that people can work through.

The person who buys this version is starting from scratch. They know people want to work with them, but they need guidance on where to start and how to finish. This is a digital workbook that you can keep and refer to whenever you’re trying to offer your products and packages. Get this workbook here.

I’m hoping that freelancers like myself enjoy the scope of work toolkit and can use it for their future projects. I know this will help you secure your contract because I use it religiously to solidify my contracts. Don’t be afraid to take that next step!

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