About LaTrenda

LaTrenda is a coalition and capacity builder.

LaTrenda L. Sherrill is ready to share what she has learned in her career. Navigating the new economy while still under 40, she’s launched two companies to support the challenges that she's faced in both the public and private sector. Check out LaTrenda's organizational consulting firm here.

LaTrenda leads LaTrenda Consulting, a consulting firm with a focus on helping young professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone with an innate passion take a risk and expand their capabilities. 


She’s tapped her diverse talents, coalition-building, project management and strategic planning to create exciting, new programs and tools for individuals who are ready to make a move. An MBA with an innovative approach, LaTrenda shares with entrepreneurs and young professionals worldwide her experience and insight navigating career transitions under 30 and launching a successful 6 figure organizational consulting business within the business’ first year of existence.


LaTrenda Consulting will guide you through the challenges and successes of being an entrepreneur, and having a nontraditional career journey. LaTrenda is here to present a new model for excelling in the gig economy and for making a move to propel your career. 

A former Deputy Chief of Education for the City of Pittsburgh, under Mayor William Peduto, LaTrenda’s laser focus was on youth development, equity, and workforce. Her passion led to a quadrupling of investment in summer youth employment during her tenure. Her ability to create a culture of inclusion while building coalitions as Deputy Chief of Education resulted in her leadership role in two major White House initiatives: TechHire and My Brother’s Keeper. 


LaTrenda has worked for pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline in communications and has had multiple roles in various nonprofits in the Pittsburgh region. She has raised nearly 6 million dollars throughout her career to help young professionals and youth and has used her social capital to navigate a changing professional landscape and to help others do the same.

LaTrenda’s leadership skills have been recognized by the media and others.  She received the Young Laureate Award from Carlow University in 2018 and was included in Pittsburgh Magazine’s 40 under 40 and Whirl magazine’s 30 under 30 as a rising star who’s changing the landscape around her.   


LaTrenda is committed to volunteering for causes such as the Bartko Foundation, a non-profit that grants funds to minority mothers working toward self-sufficiency, Partner4Work promoting job creation, and Trying Together, supporting high-quality care and education for children. 



Facilitated a conversation on opportunity and inclusion between the Mayors of Pittsburgh and Chattanooga.

Fireside chat on equity and inclusion in education and the economy at the Corporate Equity and Inclusion Roundtable event 2018

One Young World Bangkok: Interviewed the Governor of Bangkok and Mayor of Ottawa at renown young leaders conference.

Computer Science Education advocacy event.